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(according to the French law n°2004-275 'Confiance dans l'Économie Numérique')

Company registration:CUIS'IN DIFFUSION
SARL au capital de 7622,45 €
RCS Antibes 407 933 324
N° TVA intracommunautaire FR66407933324
SIRET 40793332400011
Adress:1727, chemin de Saint Bernard - Porte 3
Z.I. Font de Cine - Sophia Antipolis
Phone:+ 33 492 380 816
Fax:+ 33 492 380 817
Manager director:Eric LORENTE
Web site stored at:OVH Sarl, 140 Quai du Sartel - 59100 Roubaix - France
Phone : +33 899 701 761

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Design and installation of kitchens, bathrooms and dressing in the Alpes Maritimes (06) and Var (83)

Contemporary Kitchen, Bathroom, Interior Fitting out, To contact us...

Project management, renovation, work coordination, assistance and partnership with architect and designer.

Accueil du site, Renovation projects, customer achievements, Contact/Access map

Online sale: kitchen elements and decorative items for the home.

Kitchen accessories, Lighting, Home decorating accessories, Tables, chairs & stools